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BEST SELLING! That’s4Starts! 500+ Flexi
An all-in-one package for small fast growing publishers with a pay-as-you-grow foreign/subsidiary rights add-on, offered on a yearly subscription basis at a special price. Up to 600 titles and foreign/sub-rights licenses in total, to mix-and-match and allocate to activities as required. Upgrades for additional titles, licenses or users can be added as you grow.


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Hosted Desktop Service —advice of change in fees

Following cost increases from our partners who provide and operate our hosted desktop platforms, our fees for Hosted Desktop Services are increasing from £650 per login per year to £680 per login per year ( +VAT where applicable).

This increase reflects price changes in the basic fees of our Hosted Desktop provider and of third-party software/components.

For continuing customers the new fees will apply to renewal invoices issued after 1 December 2024.


Optional extras:

• Microsoft Office 365 (instead of Office 2016): additional £155 / user / year ( +VAT where applicable).


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31 MAY 2023 —END OF SUPPORT FOR That’s Rights Agents Version 4, END OF UPGRADE OFFERS to R2020 (v5) RIGHTS LIGHT

Early-upgrade offers are available until 31 March 2022. Contact us for more information.



Support for That’s RIghts! +EasyRoyalties version 4 ended 31 December 2021.
All our products are currently offered via subscription to RIGHTS 20|20.
More via Upgrades to RIGHTS 20|20


NEW!  That’s4starts! Rights Plus for the rights savvy! 
An all-in-one package for small publishers with the focus on foreign/subsidiary rights, offered on yearly subscription at a special price. The configuration includes royalty accounting, rights sellers and rights buyers modules. Upgrades for additional titles or licences can be added as you grow.


One platform with everything you need: rights, royalties, portal.

See standard subscription plans:
RIGHTS 20|20
RIGHTS 20|20 Specially-priced two-user plans

Specially-priced plans for small and new publishers

EASY ROL Royalty accounting + Portal | Starting at $1,550 per user (200 titles, one user); additional capacity can be purchased as you grow

THAT’S4STARTS! Royalty accounting + Foreign/subsidiary rights | Starting at $1,200 per user (200 titles & 100 subsidiary rights licenses); additional capacity can be purchased as you grow

[See prices in GBP]

RIGHTS 20|20 (version 5) Upgrade Timeline

30 April 2021 End of early-upgrade offers
30 June 2021 End of on-line training sessions and data services for version 4 configurations/accounts
31 October 2021 End of volume (title, licence, user) purchases for one-off version 4 accounts
31 December 2021 End of upgrade offer for site licences
31 December 2021 End of support for version 4 configurations that include royalty accounting information (i.e. configurations with author/royalty contracts, ISBNs/editions, royalty calculations)
31 October 2022 End of special upgrade offers to legacy royalty configurations, RIGHTS 20|20 Agents & RIGHTS 20|20 LIGHT offers
31 October 2022 End of special upgrade offers for small and x-small publishers
31 May 2023 End of support for That’s Rights Agents version 4 and That’s Rights! version 4 mini configurations.



Prices for some RIGHTS 20|20 configurations have increased as of April 1st, 2024.

For continuing version 3 and version 4 customers, fees for some legacy plans have also increased (except where special offers or limited-time, fixed prices are still in effect).

If you’re not sure how your configuration is impacted, contact us for more information about the available options.

New configurations and prices are published/updated annually on April 1st; check our pricing pages (United States Dollars | Pound Sterling)

Version 4 (all configurations) is no longer supported
Support is limited to downloads of the installer of version 4.10.39 and to resets of activation credentials (for example in the case of re-installation to a new device). Upgrades to one-off configurations for additional users, additional capacity or add-ons are not available. To have your version 4 credentials reset contact us at v4credentials. For more information with installation and registration please see Installation and registration of That’s Rights!, EasyRoyalties and That’s Rights Agents —Version 4 Before you move the software to a new device please check the System Requirements.

For information about upgrading to version 5 see Q & A Upgrades to RIGHTS 20|20 version 5


ROL Royalty Portal
is available also for continuing customers as an add-on to legacy v5 configurations —’Royalties’ only (formerly EasyRoyalties)

More information and prices

ROYALTY PORTAL Give your authors and rightsholders their royalty information online. With ROL, our royalty portal, you can make your royalty reports available to your authors and proprietors online, quicker, simpler and more effectively than paper or email. As the publisher, you control what information to upload, and when; ROL will then notify the beneficiaries when new information is available.

For your authors, the royalty portal provides an invaluable platform for monitoring their publishing activities. Royalty statements are all organised in one location, available for download at any time, as PDFs or as Excel spreadsheets. Royalty activity can also be viewed with graphs and charts, across one or more titles, and you can keep your rights holders up to date with any additional information you like, including events, awards, reviews and more.

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Software maintenance Fixes to existing functionalities and scheduled new software features are included in the annual subscription fee(s).

Technical support Free email assistance for software setup, registration and activation for 90 days from first-time purchase.

HelpDesk E-mail assistance with how-to issues not covered in the documentation is complimentary and is offered via our HelpDesk. Additional services, including, for example, assistance with data auditing & data-specific investigations, setting up document templates, etc. are available for an additional fee, subject to scheduling and availability. Please contact us for more information.

Training A one-off two-hour online introduction to the software per client is available (gratis), to be scheduled within 12 months of first-time purchase/sign-up. Additional training or assistance (e.g. with new staff or additional users) is available for a fee, subject to scheduling and availability.

Data migration Data migration services, (when required by your configuration), are available for an additional one-off fee. Quotes available on request. Subject to scheduling.



Telephone support is not available. Enhanced support subscriptions may be available from our distributors & resellers, for specific products and configurations. Contact us for more information.

* Terms also apply to any legacy versions of That’s Rights! for configurations that are still supported.

** Our terms for complimentary support may change periodically; please check this subsite for updates.

TERMS OF USE Version 5
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